Pippi Longstocking from Sat 6th to Sun 14th January

Pippi Longstocking from Sat 6th to Sun 14th January

Children's Theatre In Berlin - Welcome To The Astrid Lindgren Stage In The FEZ!

Dear Guests! 
We offer children, families, school, youth groups and kindergartens a wide and varied programme of drama, puppet theatre, music and dance - from well-known children's classics to stories from around the world and exciting science shows. Our stage, named after the creator of Pippi Longstocking, has a capacity of over 550 seats - making us the biggest children's theatre in Berlin. Did you know that theatre is not only great fun, it also helps you learn!
Come along!

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Public Service Announcement: On weekends and during the public holidays, a theatre tickets also (unless otherwise stated) grants you access to the main event in the main building (combi ticket).

Please note:
We recommend that you use public transport as parking is very limited at the FEZ. A charge of €3 applies to all parking spaces at the FEZ.

Let's Go To The Theatre!

Draw - Solve Puzzles - Write Stories!
As the new theatre season gets underway, we've created a giant picture for you with lots of individual stories eveywhere you look. You'll surely recognise many of them from plays you have seen on our stage. Come and have a look! The picture is ready to view here ready to view here. Then, you can paint pictures or write stories about the characters you see.
Then, head to the letterbox on our stage. There are prizes to be won!

Into The New Year With Pippi

Making the world exactly as she likes it!

Pippi Longstocking is certainly an inspiration in the eyes of many young people. She's courageous and has an amazing sense of adventure. Oh and did we mention the superpowers? With all these talents, she follows nobody's path but her own. Come and see this production for families from Saturday 6th to Sunday 14th January.

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New 2024 Schedule

Next year's theatre schedule is out now!

In 2024, we will once again be showing a wide range of drama, puppet theatre, concerts and dance shows. For kindergartens and schools. For families and youth groups.For young and old. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll think, you'll be amazed and, most of all, you'll have fun. Come and join in!

View the theatre programme for January 2024 now. Tickets for the weekend performances will be on sale from the beginning of January.

All Aboard The Culture Bus

Free travel to and from the Astrid Lindgren Stage

We offer schools, kindergarten and youth groups the option of a free bus ride to our theatre and back. We look forward to hearing your request via alb(at)fez-berlin.de
Please note: The culture bus is currently only due to be available until 23rd February 2024. All requests to make use of this service should be made by 22nd December 2023.

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Raise the curtain! From children's classics, to fairy tales, from international stories to science shows. The Astrid Lindgren Stage boasts thrilling theatre for families, schools and kindergarten groups. Meet Pippi Longstocking, Michel, Peter Pan and the Little Water Sprite and dive into a truly magical world.
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