Zitate von Astrid Lindgren

Das Bild zeigt drei Zitate von Astrid Lindgren. "Seid Frech Wild und Wunderbar", "Die Welt ist voll von Sachen und es ist wirklich nötig dass jemand sie findet", "Wenn die einen finden dass man groß ist und andere dass man klein ist, so ist man vielleicht gerade richtig"

Pippi Longstocking
Monday 29th May (Pentecost) at 3:30 pm
Tuesday 30th May at 11:00 am

Pippi Langstrumpf bewirbt Theater und Konzerte im FEZ-Berlin

Das Bild zeigt Pippi Langstrumpf und die Ankündigung der Konzerte und Theatervorstellungen im Sommer 2023

Children's Theatre In Berlin - Welcome To The Astrid Lindgren Stage In The FEZ!

Dear Guests! 
We offer children, families, school, youth groups and kindergartens a wide and varied programme of drama, puppet theatre, music and dance - from well-known children's classics to stories from around the world and exciting science shows. Our stage, named after the creator of Pippi Longstocking, has a capacity of over 550 seats - making us the biggest children's theatre in Berlin. Did you know that theatre is not only great fun, it also helps you learn!
Come along!

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Public Service Announcement: On weekends and during the public holidays, a theatre tickets also (unless otherwise stated) grants you access to the main event in the main building (combi ticket).

Please note:
We recommend that you use public transport as parking is very limited at the FEZ. A charge of €3 applies to all parking spaces at the FEZ.

Astrid Lindgren Stage On Holiday

Summer break until September
On 2nd September our theatre shows get back underway with an open air prouction of Pippi Longstocking on our Water Stage. As always, you can look forward to both guest productions and productions created by us. Among them, you'll find puppet theare, drama, concerts and dance shows. Have a look at what floats your boat. Our schedule for the rest of 2023 can be found here!

Pippi Longstocking - OPENAIR

Sat 2nd September, 6:15 pm

Theatre for all the family on the ALB Summer Stage
Is there anything better than theatre in summer beneath the stars? Make sure you join us when Pippi Longstocking ventures outside and makes all the puppets dance. Of course, the uncle, Mr Nilsson, Tommy and Annika will also be there and look forward to seeing you.

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Sichten XXIII - Educational Theatre Forum

Fri 1st + Sat 2nd December 2023

At this years' expert forum, participants will explore issues relating to climate change, sustainability and equality while staging workshops where they share their knowledge and tips for best practices.
Teachers, educators, artists, youth theatre workers and anyone interested are warmly invited to attend the educational theatre forum and leave with a long list of surprising and thought-provoking pieces of information.
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All Aboard The Culture Bus

Free travel to and from the Astrid Lindgren Stage
For schools, kindergartens and Hort groups

The Astrid Lindgren Stage is part of the Culture Bus scheme. All school and kindergarten groups interested in seeing a show with us have the option of booking a free bus ride to our theatre and back. It means you don't have to worry about transporting large groups of children on public transport.
If you're seeing a show here and want to make use of the Culture Bus, contact us via alb(at)fez-berlin.de


All Aboard The Culture Bus

We look forward to seeing you! Whether you're here for one of the children's classics, a fairy tale from the other side of the globe or an exciting show, we can guarantee you'll have fun... AND you'll learn something. Captivating theatre for all the family and for youth groups!