Fotorechte: Christian Bahrmann

Familienfez , 23. Puppentheaterfest

Kasper & The Dinosaur

Foyer / Main Stage

Recommended for 3+


Kasper wants to bake a delicious pancake for his guests but the devil causes chaos again. A hilraious adventure that examines the difference between little and large, loud and quiet and the importance of the word 'no'. All members of the audience, whether young or old, are encouraged to join in.

Written by: Christian Bahrmann
Directors: Markus F. Adrian, Christian Bahrmann
Puppets, stage, equipment: Christian Werdin / Marita Bachmaier / Katja Kriegenburg / Wolfgang Schilke
Photography: Christian Bahrmann
Recommended for: ages 3+
Duration: 45 minutes

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