Schauspiel , Musik

The Fairy Tale Of The Princess Who Didn't Want To Celebrate Christmas

Musiktheater Rumpelstil, ages 4 and up

Recommended for 1.-5. Klasse , Primary school , Kita/Vorschulkinder , 4+

Princess Antonia has experienced many things in her life but this year she really is bewildered. She meets three robbers, Hauk, Haps and Bogomil, who have never heard of Christmas. Yes, really! They have no idea about Christmas presents, Christmas carols or anything else. The princess decides if there's one thing she must do, it's teach them about having respect for Father Christmas. There'll be many laughs and a lot of excitement along the way!

Astrid Lindgren Stage
ages 4-11
Unreserved seating

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