Foto: Thetaer Couturier

Familienfez , 23. Puppentheaterfest

Goose Feet

Room 202

Recommended for 2+


Anyone who finds a baby goose suddenly has a lot of work on their hands. Finding food, keeping it safe, building a nest - it'll certainly keep you on your toes. Then you need to find water so it can learn how to swim. And suddenly it's ready for adventure.
With music, acting, puppets, props and a great deal of humour, Theater Couturier will conquer the hearts of adults and children alike.

Written by: Martina Couturier
Director: Anke Berger
Music: Carsten Wegener
Puppets & props: Anke Berger / Dirk Riethmüller
Photography: Theater Couturier
Recommended for: ages 2 to 5
Duration: 30 minutes

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