Mio, My Son

Astrid Lindgren Stage, ages 6+

Recommended for Hortgruppen , Primary school

Astrid Lindgren's "Mio, My Son" is a poetic masterpiece drawing on the symbolic power associated with old fairy tales. It tells a story of friendship, the trust between parent and child and the wonder of life.

Love and protection is all that Bosse wants but they are not forthcoming in his sad and lonely life with his foster parents. Then, suddenly a genie appears and whisks Bosse away to a faraway land; a land full of happiness, in which his father, who is also the king, is waiting for him. Now in his role as the king's son, Bosse sets out to explore the fantastic kingdom of his father with his friend Jum Jum. However, Bosse's new life is soon put in jeopardy by the evil knight Kato.

Distinguished director Yüksel Yolcu  succeeds in taking his audience, big and small, away to this secretive and poetic land. In Bosse exists a central character who is held back by his foster parents before encountering his father. Thereafter, he discovers his real name is actually Mio and along with the name change comes a new-found ability to discover his strengths, overcome his weaknesses and find a true place for himself in the world.


Astrid Lindgren Stage, 6-12 years, 100 minutes (incl. interval)
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Ija Pletner, Ester Daniel, Kay Dietrich, Robert Martin Benka, Ilja Schierbaum, Philipp Wirz

Director: Yüksel Yolcu
Stage & Costume: Anja Furthmann
Music: Ilja Schierbaum

Published for Weitendorf GmbH Children's Theatre

With friendly support from the publisher, Friedrich Oetinger

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