Foto: Jörg Metzner


Pippi Longstocking - Open Air

Astrid Lindgren Stage

Ever since the 9 year old girl with the red pigtails moved into Villa Villekulla, things are happening in the town. Pippi has her own horse and a monkey - she's also courageous and super strong. Thomas and Annika are the kids next door and they are suddenly having so many exciting adventures with their new friend. When you're with Pippi, anything can happen - the next practical joke is just around the corner.

Nominated for the IKARUS 2009 prize for outstanding children's theatre.

Norma Anthes, Susanna Karina Bauer, Anton Pohle/ Kay Dietrich, Marianne Thies, Maximilian Wrede, Martin Wagner

Günter Jankowiak and Ester Daniel

Astrid Lindgren Stage, ages 5 to 11, 60 minutes


Open Air performances take place in accordance with the current valid regulations for hygiene and social distancing.

Entry is only possible for those who are fully vaccinated, recovered or have a negative test - see our FAQs

More information and tips on how to enjoy an open air event in the current climate can be found here.

Theatre Ticket: €9.50
Groups of 3+: €7.50 per person

Kindergartens & Schools with JKS pass: €4.50 per person 
Kindergartens & Schools without JKS pass: €6.00 per person