Fotorechte: Nastja Zukanova

Familienfez , 23. Puppentheaterfest

Alice In Wonderland

Room 157

Recommended for 6+


An adventurous yet absurd piece featuring barrel organs, circus attractions, puppets and people. Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll, the production tells the story of a young girl named Alice who wants to travel halfway around the world by train. But the small circus on the edge of society is struggling for its very existence. The various circus artists constantly argue with each other. Alice decides it's up to her to bring them together and the group join forces on a journey into the unknown.

Written by: Antje König & Johann Karl König
Director: Karl Huck
Puppets & equipment: Christian Werdin, Nastja Zukanova, Katharina Schimmel
Photography: Nastja Zukanova
Recommended age: 6 years and up
Duration: 60 minutes

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