Schauspiel , Puppet Theatre

The Star Money

Ute Kahmann, ages 4+

Recommended for 4+ , Kita/Vorschulkinder , Primary school

On her way out into the world, the poor girl, Marie, gives away everything that she owns. Her last crumbs of bread are given to the starving circus musician, the freezing cold Ulla gets her warm coat and when she gives away her hat, she has nothing left.
But as Marie falls asleep beneath a tree, she is suddenly awakened by the sound of thousands of coins falling to the ground as shooting stars.



Studio Stage (Room 214)
4-9 years, 40 minutes, price category D

*Registration required. Productions only takes place if 10 registrations are received.

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Theatre: €6,50 *
Families of 3+: €5 per person *
Kindergartens and schools with a JugendKulturService voucher:
€4 per person
Kindergartens and schools without a JugendKulturService voucher:
€5 per person

* On weekends, public holidays and during the school holidays the price is €1 extra.
The ticket grants the bearer access to the activities in the main building.

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