Foto: Pierre Schäfer

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Mr Wolf & The Seven Young Goats

Pierre Schäfer | 4.5 to 9 years

An old watchmaker tells the story of an old watch. Or rather... and old watch tells the story of an old watchmaker. Or rather... an old goat tells the story of an old watchmaker's old watch. Or is it the youngest goat, Hopf, who tells the story of the old goat? Anyway, you might not be believe the story you hear. But it's true. The wolf dies and all seven little goats celebrate and dance.

Astrid Lindgren Stage, 4.5 to 9 years, 50 minutes


Please read our hygiene regulations and the FAQ for attending a theatre production before your visit. The rules are liable to change at short notice, so it makes sense to check as close as possible to your arrival.


Theatre Ticket: €8.50*
Groups of 3+: €6.50 per person*
Kindergartens & schools with JKS voucher: €4.50 per person
Kindergartens & schools without JKS voucher: €6.00 per person

*Due to the limited number of tickets available during the pandemic, the theatre ticket does not grant the bearer entry to the event being held in the main part of the FEZ building.