Bill Bergson, Master Detective

A theatre piece based on Astrid Lindgren's work, for children aged 5+

Come with us on an adventurous and mysterious search for the truth!

Bill Bergson (original Swedish name: Kalle Blomqvist) has a dream: he wants to be a world-famous detective, even more famous than Sherlock Holmes! The only problem is, there's absolutely zilch going on in his sleepy Swedish hometown of Lillköping...
Therefore, the future master detective has no choice but to solve imaginary cases in his mind. His best friends Anders and Eva-Lotta often wind him up about it. But everything changes in the blink of an eye when Uncle Einar, cousin to Eva-Lotta's mother, comes to stay. Einar doesn't strike the three friends as especially nice and Bill, in particular, starts to smell a rat. He decides to keep an eye on Uncle Einar. Why does he have a skeleton key? Why does he keep sneaking out of the house at night? And what is he looking for in the old castle ruins? A gripping adventure begins...

suitable for ages 5+, 110 minutes (including an interval)


The program for "Bill Bergson, Master Detective", compiled by Bettina Debus, can be downloaded here as a free PDF (German only):

Educational theatre material on Bill Bergson, Master Detective


Director: Matthias Witting
Costumes: Marie Landgraf
Stage design: Urs Hildbrand
Lighting: Mario Berneis, Benedikt Große-Bley
Sound: Ralf Jacobsohn, Marc Filöhr
Stage director: Eberhard Krause

Marius Hubel as Bill
Kevin Klisch as Anders
Katja Schaefer as Eva-Lotta
Ester Daniel as Mia Lisander
Kay Dietrich as Uncle Einar
Robert Frank/Christian Schadler as Ivar/Uncle Björk