Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

A theatre piece based on Michael Ende's famous children's book

New and self-produced by the Astrid Lindgren stage

For children aged 5+

Premiered on 28.11.2015

There's not much space on Morrowland, the island with two mountains. So King Alfred the Quarter-To-Twelfth has made a decision: Emma has to go! Emma is the name of the engine owned by Luke, best friend to Jim Button, who ended up on Morrowland by mistake as a young boy, delivered in a package. Jim Button and Luke don't want to lose Emma, so they leave the island to find a new home far, far away. Their journey takes them to the distant country of Mandala, where they find out that the Emperor's daughter Li Si has disappeared and is being held captive by the evil dragon Mrs. Grindtooth. Will Jim and Luke be able to rescue the young princess and solve the mystery behind Jim's own background?

An exciting and pictographic adventure about tolerance, identity and being different, and how the power of friendship can break through all barriers.

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Annekathrin Bach as Jim Button
Kay Dietrich as Luke the Engine Driver
Ester Daniel as King Alfred the Quarter-to-Twelfth, Herold, a fat cat and Mrs. Grindtooth
Carolin Jakoby as Mrs. Whaat, Mr. Tur Tur, a fat cat and Pippi the child
Sara Löffler as Nepomuk, Ping Pong and Princess Li Si
Lorenzo Pennacchietti as Mr Sleeve, the Emperor of Mandala and Panki the child
Axel Meier and Jacob Przemus as the musicians

Director: Klaus-Peter Fischer
Stage and costume design:
Birgit Schöne
Director of music, composer: Sinem Altan
Drama director: Regine Bruckmann
Lighting: Mario Berneis/Jeffrey Dieser
Sound: Dirk Meier
Choreography: Katja Keya Richter
Assistant director: Aniko Schusterius
Assistant costume designer: Silvana Köhler

Director of production: Gabriele Hilsberg