Photography: Jörg Metzner

Michel: Christmas In Lönneberga

A theatre production based on the book by Astrid Lindgren (and the production "Winter in Lönneberga" by Tristan Berger) for children aged 4+.

Finally! Christmas is almost here and it's all hands on deck in Lönneberga. But not everyone is expecting a a happy Christmas. The inhabitants of the poor house don't not lead a happy life under the stewardship of  Frau Maduskan. They only get salted herrings on Christmas Eve and the presents and treats that Michel's mum sends are kept by Frau Maduskan for herself. But Michel has an idea. He invites everyone for a big Christmas day and manages to get the ingredients himself. At the end, everybody has enjoyed the Christmas they deserve.

A touching story based on the work by Astrid Lindgren, which shows the descrepancy between how much different people have and how important it is to give and share.

Duration: 60 minutes approx


  • Carolin Siebert Michel
  • Martin Wagner Father
  • Susanna Karina Bauer Ida
  • Norma Anthes Mother
  • Alessa Kordeck Lina, Maduskan
  • Robert Frank Alfred
  • Kay Dietrich Stolle-Jockel
  • Berit Jung Musician
  • Els Vandeweyer Musikerin

Director Kay Dietrich
Stage Design Thomas Lorenz-Herting
Costumes Marie Landgraf
Production Gabriele Hilsberg & Miriam Glöckler
Assistant Director Anastasia Lymperopoulou
Production Assistant Sophie Blandin
Stage Assistance Karolin Kuhl, Lisa Bohn


Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf GmbH