Photography: Jörg Metzner

Mio, My Son

A theatre production in the style of Astrid Lindgren recommended for children aged 6+

Astrid Lindgren's "Mio, My Son" is a poetic masterpiece. With the symbolic power of old fairytales, this story tells of friendship, the trust between parents and their children and the wonder that is life.

Love and protection - that is what Bosse dreams of in the lonely and dull life he leads at his foster home. A good-hearted ghost comes to him and takes him to a land far away. It is a land full of bliss, where his father, the king, already awaits him. The sad Bosse becomes Mio, the king's child. Along with his friend Jum-Jum, he explores the fantastic kingdom of his father. But the evil knight Kato, with a heart made of stone, poses a threat to the land...

The scenery of multiple award-winning director Yüksel Yolcu takes children aged 6 and above to a mysterious and poetic land far away. The centre of attention is Mio - a child whose wings have been clipped by his loveless foster parents. Only when he meets his real father will Mio discover his strengths, overcome his fears and find out what impact he can have on the world.

Duration: 100 minutes


  • Ilja Pletner Boss/Mio
  • Ester Daniel Aunt Edla, Frau Lundi, Weaver, Rose Gardener, Blacksmith, Spy
  • Martin Wagner Uncle Sixten, Rose Gardener, Eno, Knight Kato
  • Robert Martin Benke/Jum-Jum
  • Ilja Schierbaum Musician
  • Philipp Wirz Father, King, Blacksmith, Spy


Director: Yüksel Yolcu
Stage and costume design: Anja Furthmann
Drama assistant: Fabian Scheidler
Music: Ilja Schierbaum
Choreography: Katja Keya Richter
Production managers: Gabriele Hilsberg & Miriam Glöckler
Assistant director: Stefanie Pieper
Décor assistant: Jennifer Haefke
Video: Christian Bäucker
Lighting: Mario Berneis/Jeffrey Dieser
Sound: Dirk Meier
Stage engineer: Ralf Jacobsohn/Eberhard Krause
Costume maker: Eva Craig
Stage painting: Michael Schneeweiß

Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf GmbH (publishing company for children)

With kind support from the Friedrich Oetinger publishing company