Photography: Jörg Metzner

The Little Water Sprite

loosely based on the work of Otfried Preußler

for children aged 4+

The Little Water Sprite slithers out of an egg. He is curious, and sometimes rather cheeky. Without fear, he plunges into his adventures and causes ripples beneath the surface. He meets two dazzling female trout who bring sounds to the underwater world with their swimming piano, and comes across a gruesome inhabitant of the water with nine eyes. But even the world of human beings is not entirely lost on The Little Water Sprite, as he ventures his first steps onto land. It's a good job his aquatic parents are so patient and keep an eye on him - for instance Cyprinus, the elderly carp.

The scenery of director Kay Dietrich whisks children aged four or older away to a mysterious and atmospheric underwater world. With poetic imagery, the scenes tell of curiosity in the world, encounters with special characters and a loving father-son relationship.

Anja Furthmann's stage and costume design lends an illusion of weightlessness that is emphasised by the acting and choreography. The perfect underwater music is supplied by composer Sinem Altan and performed live by Altan herself and Begüm Tüzemen.

With "The Little Water Sprite", the debut from Otfried Preußler, the Astrid Lindgren stage puts on a classic of children's literature. The simplicity and timelessness of Preußler's stories coupled with the equally affectionate and quirky nature of his protagonists make his work so special.


Starring: Sinem Altan, Florian Schiemann, Ester Daniel, Christian-O. Hille, Norma Anthes, Begüm Tüzemen, Jessica Walther-Gabory

Director: Kay Dietrich
Assistant to director: Karlene Spiegel
Stage and costume designer: Anja Furthmann
Assistant to stage and costume designer: Josefine Holtschke
Director of composition and music: Sinem Altan
Drama director: Rose Bartmer
Choreography: Sergiu Matis
Video: Berit Zemke
Light design: Mario Berneis
Producers:Gabriele Hilsberg/Miriam Glöckler
Assistant to producer: Eva Beineke

Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf GmbH (publisher for children's theatre)

Duration of performance: 60 minutes approx.