The Astrid Lindgren stage is a project partner of TUKI

TUKI - Theatre and playschool, is a project that was started in August 2011 by the JugendKulturService. It aims to strengthen cultural education among toddlers and small children via cooperations between theatres and playschools. TUKI is promoted by the Projektfonds für Kulturelle Bildung (Project Fund for Cultural Education). As part of the individual partnerships, children are acquainted with theatre and the various working processes of this culture sector.

TUKI has given rise to a cultural network between theatres and playschools all over Berlin. Currently 14 playschools and 14 children's theatres from all over Berlin are participants in TUKI, the Astrid Lindgren stage included. The connections the theatres and playschools look to establish run for three years. The work done between children and professionals gives way to new perspectives and ideas, and to a number of impulses for nurturing creative work with children in playschools and theatres.

With support from the Gartenstadtfrösche playschool (our tandem partner from Bohnsdorf) and the theatre teacher Kathleen Rappolt, even the smallest visitors should develop an interest in the world of theatre.

An overview of the 2013/14 TUKI year:
On five separate occasions, the Gartenstadtfrösche playschool came to watch performances on the Astrid Lindgren stage - inspiration enough for them to turn the playschool on its head at the end of the first TUKI year with their own theatre piece. "One, two, three...ready or not, here we come!!!" - yes, the core group of 14 children decided in January on the subject of "Hide and seek" for their collective journey of discovery into the world of theatre. They experimented with various materials, put their bodies and voices to the test, talked about their favourite places and also about the people and things they wanted to hide from most. With the help of a stage designer, they put bits of cardboard together and built shadow monsters out of them. At the end of their interactive game of hide and seek in the big playschool garden, it wasn't just the children who had vanished...
In addition to these games and visits to the theatre, the spirit of theatre often sought to consume the entire playschool and get all the other children and staff involved as well. We saw fairytale storytellers surrounded by red roses and rose water, fox tracks and strands of red wool leading off on a path, and even people putting their clothes on inside out, having breakfast on upside-down tables and chairs and spending the whole day walking backwards!
Aside from all this, we invited all interested teachers and parents to take part in a theatre workshop for themselves and gain a playful and practical idea of all the things that TUKI and theatre can achieve, and chooses to achieve.