Berlin's best winter holidays

Winter Holiday Theatre Programme

A hugely varied range of productions are available to suit every taste. We play for families, youth groups (Hort) and kindergartens. Whether you'd like to see one of the children's classics or you'd prefer to take part in an interactive concert, there's something for everyone. So come along, have fun, sing along and ponder what you hear.

What's up Hoverup?

Tues 31st January, 11am
Razzzelbande Beatbox Concert
An interactive beatbox concert for children and their families. The four beatboxers tell captivating stories along the way as they sing about their everyday experiences on the planet. In particular, their search for the Golden Sound is well worth hearing. What an adventure that was!


Concert | 60 minutes | recommended for ages 5+
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Erna's 3rd Prank

Wed 1st February, 11am
Raketen Erna
"Der Erna ihr dritter Streich!" ("Erna's 3rd Prank") is the name of the new show from the award-winning children's band Raketen Erna. The Berliner trio shines in the guise of a rocket crew as they play modern children's music that will have everyone tapping along and leaving with a wide smile.


Astrid Lindgren Stage | 60 minutes | Recommended for ages 4 to 12
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Colourful Tones

Thurs 2nd February, 11am
Hip-Hop Show 
Astrid Lindgren Stage goes hip-hop! Five artists from Berlin will introduce you to all things within the scope of hip-hop culture. A superlative show featuring breakdance, beatboxing, graffiti, rap and DJing.


Show | 60 minutes | Recommended for classes 1 to 6 (ages to 6 to 12)
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Pippi Longstocking

Fri 3rd February at 11am
Sat 4th & Sun 5th February at 3:30 pm

The classic children's book by Astrid Lindgren
Pippi Longstocking creates the world around her exactly as she wants it. Do you you want to join her? On the Astrid Lindgren Stage, there'll be adventures and japes aplenty when Pippi enters.

Astrid Lindgren Stage | 100 minutes including break | Recommended for ages 5 to 11
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