"Little Aquarius"

loosely based on the work of Otfried Preußler
for children aged 4+ 

The Astrid Lindgren stage at the FEZ Berlin is giving children aged 4 and above the chance to learn about "Little Aquarius" by Otfried Preußler as produced by Kay Dietrich.
The idea is to offer children a practical, hands-on introduction to the material in perparation for a visit to the performance. The children can take a journey into a fantasy underwater world and try out the roles and scenes from Preußlers novel, so as to understand the key subject matter of the children's classic and to develop a feel for the adventure of Little Aquarius, whose curiosity leads him into unforeseeable difficulties time and time again.
As well as this, the material will animate the children to talk about the subject of environmental education, more specifically about water and its importance in everyday life.
Both the guided improvised scenes and the creative involvement with the material are rooted in, and benefit from, focusing on procedure. The made-up scenes, the painted and crafted sketches and the further development of Little Aquarius's future encounters and adventures can all be incorporated into your own preparatory or follow-up teaching prior to your children's visit to the performance.

Supplementary production material

"Little Aquarius"
compiled by Julia Seedler - free download:
<link file:598 download of>Accompanying material for teaching about theatre (PDF)