Der kleine Wassermann on Sat 7th + Sun 8th October, 3:30pm

Razzz 4 Kids on Wed 1st + Thurs 2nd November, 11am

Pippi Longstocking on Wed 11th + Thurs 12th October, 10:30am

This isn't just the motto of the famous author of children's books and philanthropist. It's also the motto of the Astrid Lindgren stage at the FEZ Berlin. Astrid Lindgren talked and wrote stories about things that children need, and are missing.

The Astrid Lindgren stage aims to open up a new world to children. It's a world of adventure, fantasy, music and poetry - the world of theatre.

Autumn Holidays: Razzz 4 Kids - The Beatbox Musical For Children


The autumn holidays are made for music: 
Razzz 4 Kids is not to be missed! An interactive show of beatboxing, rock, hip hop and electropunk. This show is sure to lift you off your seat.

Wednesday 1st November
Thursday 2nd November,  both at 11am

Astrid Lindgren Stage
ages 6+, 60 minutes

PREMIERE: Christmas Production: Pippi Loots The Christmas Tree

Spend Christmas with Astrid Lindgren character, Pippi Longstocking - the strongest girl in the world!
Pippi is inviting all children from the city to the biggest Christmas Tree party in her Villa Villekulla. Everybody wants to go with a huge Christmas tree adorned with gingerbread men, colourful flags and Christmas crackers being the centrepiece. And Pippi has many more surprises up her sleeve!

Premiere on 10th December

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Mio, My Son

Astrid Lindgren's poetic masterpiece tells a story of love and friendship, of trust between parent and child and of the wonder of life. A show that will leave you dreaming, discussing and disbelieving. The Astrid Lindgren Stage also offers an extra-curricular class for school groups as preparation before the show or a follow-up afterwards.

A Look Behind The Scenes

How is the stage built? Where are the actors and actresses when they're not on stage. How many people are actually required to put on a theatre production and what do things look like backstage?

Resources and other activities offered in association with our theatre productions can be viewed here.

Berlin's Best Children's Songwriters

A small sensation! Berlin's best children's songwriters come together on stage to give a superlative concert. The band 3Berlin, Thomas Sutter from ATZE Musiktheater, Robert Metcalf and Suli Puschban present their biggest hits - you won'tfind more variety anywhere else!

Friday 10th November, 10:30am
Saturday, 11th November, 3:30pm

What's On?

We invite children and adults from near and far to take in a show from our hugely varied parogramme. Families, friends and school groups are all warmly welcomed in our theatre. We look forward to your visit!