This isn't just the motto of the famous author of children's books and philanthropist. It's also the motto of the Astrid Lindgren stage at the FEZ Berlin. Astrid Lindgren talked and wrote stories about things that children need, and are missing.

The Astrid Lindgren stage aims to open up a new world to children. It's a world of adventure, fantasy, music and poetry - the world of theatre.

Our Christmas Highlights

Four Candles
Sometimes still and reflective, sometimes loud and energetic, the songs by Robert Metcalf and his musicians Saint Nick and Jack Frost will soon bring you to life.

Counting Down The Days - Christmas Songs With Santa
Popular Berlin Band Rumpelstil are back to stage a Christmas concert for old and young.

Mother Holle & Father Christmas
A humorous continuation of the Grimm fairy tale, with delightful accompaniment from the Rumpelstil music group and the TanzZweit Berlin dance ensemble.

Our Long-Running Shows

Mio, My Son

Thurs 14th February, 10:30

Sun 17th February, 15:30

Pippi Longstocking

Sat 19th January, 16:30

Wed 30th January, 10:30

Thurs 31st January, 10:30

Der kleine Wassermann

Sat 5th January, 15:00

Sun 6th January, 15:30

Wed 9th January, 10:30


Our New Programme

Our programme for September to December has now been released. View it here or download it as a PDF.

We look forward to seeing you!


Attention! Changes have been made to the dates for 'Mother Holle & Father Christmas' and Counting Down The Days - Christmas Songs With Santa'. Please consult our programme for up-to-date information.

What's On?

We invite children and adults from near and far to take in a show from our hugely varied parogramme. Families, friends and school groups are all warmly welcomed in our theatre. We look forward to your visit! 



Theatre makes you clever!

Productions from September to December 2018 that support school groups within their curriculum can be found here.