Raketen Erna Wednesday 1st February, 11am

Kinder Ballett Kompanie: Peter Pan
Fri 20th January at 11am
Sat 21st & Sun 22nd January at 3:30pm

Children's Theatre In Berlin - Welcome To The Astrid Lindgren Stage In The FEZ!

Dear Guests! 
We offer children, families, school, youth groups and kindergartens a wide and varied programme of drama, puppet theatre, music and dance - from well-known children's classics to stories from around the world and exciting science shows. Our stage, named after the creator of Pippi Longstockingnsere, has a capacity of over 550 seats - making us the biggest children's theatre in Berlin. Did you know that theatre is not only great fun, it also helps you learn!
Come along!

View the schedule.

Please continue to consider your health and the health of those around you. We recommend wearing a mask when indoors.


All Aboard The Culture Bus

Free travel to and from the Astrid Lindgren Stage

All school and kindergarten groups interested in seeing a show with us have the option of booking a free bus ride to our theatre and back. It means you don't have to worry about transporting large groups of children on public transport during a pandemic.
If you're seeing a show here and want to make use of the Culture Bus, contact us via alb(at)fez-berlin.de


Pippi Longstocking

For families, schools and kindergarten groups

Is there any child in the world who wouldn't want to be like Pippi Longstocking? She's brave, strong enough to lift a horse and regularly devours whole cakes in one sitting. The world around her is exactly as she wants it and together with Tommi and Annika from next door, she comes up with the most wonderful pranks.
In February, we'll be celebrating Germany's carneval season (Fasching) with Pippi!
Save the date! (Sun 19th to Tues 21st February)

Winter Holiday Programme

For families, youth groups (Hort) and kindergarten groups


It's fair to say the winter holiday programme on stage is packed. Featuring beatboxing and hiphop, Pippi's mischievous pranks and rocketing children's music. From Monday 30th January to Sunday 5th February, there's something for everyone. Come as a family, or bring your youth or kindergarten group. View the schedule.

Theatre Makes You Clever!

We look forward to seeing you! Whether you're here for one of the children's classics, a fairy tale from the other side of the globe or an exciting show, we can guarantee you'll have fun... AND you'll learn something. Captivating theatre for all the family and for youth groups!