This isn't just the motto of the famous author of children's books and philanthropist. It's also the motto of the Astrid Lindgren Stage at the FEZ Berlin. Astrid Lindgren talked and wrote stories about things that children need, and are missing.

The Astrid Lindgren stage aims to open up a new world to children. It's a world of adventure, fantasy, music and poetry - the world of theatre.

Dear FEZ Guests

In view of the dramatically increasing number of Covid-19 cases, both local and national governments have taken the decision to place restrictions on public and private life. As a result, there will be no events, exercise programmes or school projects at the FEZ Berlin until the 31st of January at the earliest. In addition, the Astrid Lindgren Stage, the Alice Museum For Children, the Orbitall Space Centre, the FEZ swimming pool and the Berlin State Academy Of Music will all remain closed. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Beind The Scenes

Our actors, actresses and stage crew have answered loads of questions about what goes on backstage. See them here.

You can also send your own questions to alb(at)!


Our event are subject to appropriate hygiene measures and guidelines.
Please pay attention to our hygiene regulations and show consideration to your fellow guests. more...

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