This isn't just the motto of the famous author of children's books and philanthropist. It's also the motto of the Astrid Lindgren stage at the FEZ Berlin. Astrid Lindgren talked and wrote stories about things that children need, and are missing.

The Astrid Lindgren stage aims to open up a new world to children. It's a world of adventure, fantasy, music and poetry - the world of theatre.

Helmut Meier

Lauf, Marlene!

Marlene is the fastest kid on Earth! Sparks fly when she sets off and the people can't believe how quick she is. And when she comes to a sudden stop, an adventure is sure to follow...

Wed 19th & Thurs 20th February, 10:00 am

Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd February, 4:00 pm


Berti, der Detektiv

Berti wants to become a detective.tiv werden! Marlene, Jill and John can hardly believe it. Is he really capable of learning so much? Is he really courageous enough? Songs to sing along to, songs to dance to, songs to calculate and work out the answers. It's gonna be lots of fun!

Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd February, 4:00 pm


Whether you come as a monster, princess, cowboy or pirate, it's going to be so much on the Astrid Lindgre Stage. Prepare for some FRESH beats with ZWULF from Ulf & Zwulf., embark on COLOURFUL adventures with KESS and dance to WILD rhythyms with ICH & Herr Meyer. Come along and show off your hilarious costumes!

Tues 25th February, 10:00 am

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Our New Programme

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Theatre Makes You Clever

Educational activities for school groups from September to December 2019

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A Friend For Boltan The Lion

Boltan the Lion is bored in his oasis. Finally he meets a very thirsty camel who is scared of nothing and nobody. As the camel tells him the most exciting stories, Boltan realises he is no longer alone. The pair embark on great adventures until suddenly their friendship looks in danger.


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A Look Behind The Scenes

How is the stage built? Where are the actors and actresses when they're not on stage. How many people are actually required to put on a theatre production and what do things look like backstage?

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