At the moment, we are unable to put on a show for you. But not to worry. We thought that as you can't come to use, we'll come to you. Take a look below at what we've got for you. We hope you have plenty of fun singing and clapping along. We look forward to seeing you again!

From all at the Astrid Lindgren Stage

P.S. And if you're really missing us, write to use at:

3 Berlin - Wenn der helle Mond

The popular song from "Grüffelo-Liederalbum" here in an unplugged version.

Summing it up with Rumpelstil

With maths class currently off the agenda, here's a creative way of helping you with your multiplication tables. The 4x table features in this video.

The KrAWAllo Classic

112 - The Fire Brigade Song

Kids' Songs Sensations

Six of Germany's most famous children's musicians together in one band: Robert Metcalf, Suli Puschban, Thomas Sutter & 3 Berlin alias Carsten Schmelzer, Diane Weigmann, Tobias Weyrauch


As per the measures decreed by the Berlin Senate on 14th March to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, all events in the FEZ Berlin and Berlin State Academy For Music are cancelled until further notice. In addition the swimming pool is closed, all events in the Alice Museum For Children, Astrid Lindgren Stage and Orbitall Centre are postponed and school project days will not take place.


Any tickets purchased for cancelled events will be refunded on request. Either hand them in to the FEZ reception in person (please call in advance on 030 53071 500) or send an email to tickets(at) containing your full name and booking number. 

Please consult our website and our Facebook page for any further developments.

Thank you for your understanding!

The Managing Directors

A Krawallo Exclusive For The FEZ

Our family rock band Krawallo were due to play live at the FEZ this week. And we're glad to report there's no need to miss out. Here they are with an FEZ exclusive for you to sing and dance to. Enjoy!

Learn English With Robert Metcalf

Eine Stimme/one voice

Every day we use our voice for so many words and sounds. To explain, to question, to sing and to understand...


Singing With Robert Metcalf

Sechs Saiten/Six Strings

Robert Metcalf is another regular on the FEZ stage who's recorded a video for you here.

Summing It Up With Rumplestil

The 7x table

Sing, Dance & Learn With Mathilde The Maths Mouse

As long as you can't join Robert Metcalf's Maths Mouse, Mathilde, in the FEZ, Mathilde will come to you. Appearing directly onto your screens, she'll have you singing, dancing and, yes, learning in no time at all.

Talking With Your Hands

Robert Metcalf and Wiebke Gericke present children's songs with sign language.

So how do you greet someone in sign language? 

Theatre Makes You Clever

Accompanying programmes to the school curriculum for January to June 2020

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A Look Behind The Scenes

How is the stage built? Where are the actors and actresses when they're not on stage. What do things look like backstage?

Resources and other activities offered in association with our theatre productions can be viewed here.