Always Cold Coffee At The Fire Brigade

Featuring fantasy and funny moments, people and puppets tell the story of the hard-working firefighters who never manage to enjoy their coffee while it's still hot.

5th & 6th September, 10:00 am

7th & 8th September, 3:00 pm

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The Fortune That Wouldn't Fall From The Tree

A play about luck and misfortune, about yearning and longing, about friends and about about great courage.

Thurs 3rd October: 3:00 pm 

Fri 4th October: 3:00 pm

Sat 5th October: 3:00 pm

Sun 6th October: 3:00 pm

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Our New Programme

Check out our new programme (valid for September until December) and download it here as a PDF.

We look forward to seeing you!

Theatre Makes You Clever

Educational activities for school groups from September to December 2019

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Primary School Theatre Days 2019

Stories such as Little Red Riding Hood are well over 100 years old and well known across the world. Is it still possible to create new modern fairy tales?

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A Look Behind The Scenes

How is the stage built? Where are the actors and actresses when they're not on stage. How many people are actually required to put on a theatre production and what do things look like backstage?

Resources and other activities offered in association with our theatre productions can be viewed here.