Aa New Theatre Season Begins!

Premier Science Shows, Open Air Theatre & A Programme For Kindergartens & Schools

Let's visit the Funghiverse! We're delighted to announce a new science show that premières on 10th September in the FEZ. "Funghiverse - The Fantastic World Of Mushrooms" is an imaginative and interactive production aimed at children aged 8 and up. It's truly a hands-on experience as young and old research and discover for themselves. They'll wander through an amazing area viewing real mushrooms, completing tasks, discovering root networks and becoming an expert on a unique and secretive kingdom. Not to be missed!

Our open air season is coming to an end. But there's still a chance to see Pippi Longstocking outdoors. She'll be live on the Water Stage in the FEZ inner courtyard on 4th September.

Also planned for the end of September are our popular educational shows (chemistry and maths) with Oliver Grammel and Robert Metcalf.

The full schedule can be viewed here. Come and join us!

Chemagic Show With Oliver Grammel

Wed 22nd September, 10:30 am for classes 3-6 (ages 8-12)

How to make science fun? 
You'll see just how with this exciting show with fast-paced experiments. Join in, watch on and be amazed!

Pippi Longstocking - Open Air

Sat 4th September, 6:30 pm on the Water Stage

Ever since the 9 year old girl with the red pigtails moved into Villa Villekulla, things are happening in the town. When you're with Pippi, anything can happen - the next practical joke is just around the corner. more...

Funghiverse - The Fantastic World Of Mushrooms

Premiere on 10th September 2021

An interactive science show for children aged 8 and up

Various types of mushroom and fungus can be found everywhere - not just in the forest. Let's have a look at what is in our stomachs, our bread and maybe in our bike helmets too. more

Numbertime With Robert Metcalf

Thurs 30th September, 10:30 am, ages 5-10

Who knew counting and calculating could be so cool? Robert Metcalf will have you clapping your hands, stamping your feet, rhyming, dancing, forwards and backwards - the world of numbers has never been so exciting.